Easter Video

Another great Bible Society video from the pen of the poet Dai Woolridge creatively telling the story from the Emmaus Road.

A Forum For Justice

Held at CRBC on the 2nd April 2017
A discussion about issues of injustice with Rev Dr Devon Dick (President of the Jamaica Baptist Union and a Justice of the Peace), Ruth Dearnley OBE (CEO of STOP THE TRAFFIK) and Mark Hutchinson (a spokesperson from the human rights group Journey to Justice), inspired by three towering figures of Western Civilisation to inspire us to challenge the injustices of today, namely:
> Martin Luther who 500 years ago publicly challenged the injustice of indulgences in the Church by nailing his theses to the church door.
> William Wilberforce who 230 years ago started campaigning against the injustice of the colonial slave trade.
> Martin Luther King Jr who came to Newcastle University 50 years ago to receive the freedom of the city and an honoury doctorate and challenged the UK to combat social injustice here.

3 Minute Bible

A three minute video that brilliantly tells the over-arching narrative of humanities relationship with God and His endless grace demonstarted by forgiveness and hope through Jesus Christ.
Produced by "The Feet on the Mountains"

The Whole Sweep of Scripture

A 7 minute video in which the Rev Tom Wright discusses how to approach the Bible.

YBA Assembly: Discipleship Today

An inspiring, challenging and timely address given by Roy Searle (of the Northumbria Community) at the Yorkshire Baptist Assembly held in Sheffield (UK) in May 2016 encouraging missional discipleship in the church today.
Lasts an hour, but well worth the time investment...

Church from Scratch

A short video illustrating the need for the church to reach out to the community and stop expecting it to come to the church!
Produced by pioneers in missional outreach.


An inspiring new video from the pen of Dai Woolridge. Tells the journey of Jesus through to the resurrection using the image of water.
We used it on Easter Sunday, but also brilliant for Baptisms…

Is Church for Me?

A 2 minute video that effectively dispels many common myths surrounding who church is for. Everyone is welcome, come as you are and know God's blessing.
We long to welcome you here at CRBC...

Being Baptist: Called, Gathered, Sent

A 15 minute film commemorating the 400th anniversary of a Baptist presence in the United Kingdom. Involving six Baptist churches and four Associations it intersperses tales from Baptist history with interviews of Baptists today on a variety of topics including women's ministry, worship, baptism, evangelism and church meetings.
Click on the button below to learn more about the modern Baptist movement.

Understanding The Baptist Movement

A 4½ minute film in which Richard Taylor explains the origins, energy and charisma of the Baptist Movement through exploring one of the first Baptist Chapels.
First broadcast as part of the BBC's Songs of Praise program on 21 May 2017.  

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